A daylight capable screen, making it ideal for a variety of applications and exceptional in high street store windows and theatres.  The self adhesive backing allows for a very simple and quick install.

Charcoal coloured, with a contrast of 300:1, a Gain of 4 and a viewing angle of 180 degrees the PRO XC screen does not crystallize, nor does it hotspot, so enabling it to be used with short-throw or acute angle projection. The PRO XC can be used with either front or rear projection therefore making it dual sided.

The PRO XC is available in 10mtrs (32.8 ft) rolls to a maximum height of 1.52mtrs (5 ft) and due to its thickness of just 0.1mm it can be joined seamlessly.

All our film screens can be cut with either a sharp bladed knife or scissors to any shape making it ideal for cost effective bespoke screen applications.

All our projection screens hold a 10 year UVA warranty and are compatible with infrared technology such as touch screens and touch tables.


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Pro XC